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Mihail Zablodski. Surrealistic portraits


Mihail Zablodski is an independent visual artist and illustrator. He attended National Polytechnic University in Kyiv, receiving a master’s degree in art and illustration in 2011. He also worked under the supervision of reputed local artists from 2004 through 2012. Zablodski has chosen a horizontal career, permitting him to focus on the ideas he most wished to bring to life. With this, he has taught workshops for art students and amateurs for over 10years and has collaborated as illustrator for several national and international publishing houses, while at the same time creating his own artwork. Zablodski’s artwork is being sold into private collections into 12 countries around the Europe and the Americas. His projects are mostly single paintings but include two series of works intended to explore a deeper interest of his, these are the surrealistic series ”The Unknown” which includes works like ”The Dreamcatcher” and ”After the Rain”, and a contemporary ”Cityscape”, featuring ”New York after the Rain” and ”Mist in New York”

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